Certifications and Sustainability

Grafiche Lambro is certified and strongly committed to the care of the environment

FSC case Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-governmental organization that promotes an appropriate management of the world's forests socially useful and economically sustainable, respecting the environment. By choosing an FSC® product you help take care of the world's forests. To find out more visit the website www.fsc.org


Attention to the environment is an integral part of our mission. The use of highly functional technologies allows us to significantly reduce the waste produced, in the start-up phases and through the production cycle. The protection of the environment for companies working in the field of cardboard, like us , has a double value and a greater responsibility

Raw material

We pay particular attention to the choice of raw materials, not only based on quality and consumption, but also taking into consideration toxicological and environmental impact aspects; Avoiding dangerous substances. We use low-migration paints and plant-based pantones, in order to guarantee a reduction in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and greater ease in recycling printed products

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